About Us

About Us

We love and care for the riders who are passionate about the perfection of their rides.Throughout Pakistan riders who are conscious about their rides and wanted it to be ready for any type of journey, we are here for them.

There is a great need of a platform for biker’s needs and to keep them up-to-date about their rides.
Roads is not just an online store who just buy the products from random shopkeepers, we buy our products directly from companies as a dealer.

We are a family owned business since 1981 and knows how much a rider is conscious about the genuineness and authenticity of the spare parts and bikes accessories. But they are unable to differentiate between genuine brand and low quality products.What all riders have in common regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity is they are all freedom loving individuals and want to ride with full confidence on the open roads.

On our quest to build the next generation of riders nationally, we welcome all who share these values and a desire to enjoy the world on a motorcycle.

Our Mission:

It’s simple to provide you with a convenient and professional services in –store and online. We carry a wide range of quality performance products, spare parts, and bike accessories and guarantee our online shopping experience won’t be the one to forget. Take a look through to see all of the changes and keep coming back as we add more pages, products and functionality.